Silicone Adhesive Backless Invisible Bra

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. Brand new and high quality.
This is the latest stealth silicone bra.
It will instantly push up your bust and gives a deep cleavage.
It is suitable for wearing under all kinds of dresses at weddings, parties, functions etc.
It can be worn alone or with the ordinary bra.
After washing with water can be reused.
Plastic protective nipple area.
Great shape, comfortable, durable and breathable.

Material:Lycra (can be easily stretched, can be close to the human body after the skin, the binding 
force on the human body is very small.Lycra fiber can be used for any fabric, including wool, linen, silk 
and cotton, And relaxed nature of the event features, feel more flexible)


Soft, no trace, environmentally friendly materials, tasteless, no deformation, no discoloration.

  • Size: A.B.C.D
  • A cup: ( A65; 70; 75; 80; B65)
  • B cup: (B70; 75; 80; C65)
  • C cup: (C70; 75; 80; D65)
  • D cup: (D70; 75; 80; 85; F65)
  • 1.Remove Bra from Box.
  • 2.Loosen the Clip on Ties Partially.
  • 3.Place Bra on Your Breasts.
  • 4.Pull End of String Ties, While Pulling Up the Clip.
  • 5.Enjoy the Lift!
  • Maintenance:
  • 1.Hand wash with warm water with mild soap
  • 2.Air dry until it is full dry
  • 3.The adhesive regenerates itself for next use
  • 4.Make sure surface is clear of debris
  • 5.Do not exposure to the sun if bra is dry

Package Include

1 x Strapless Bra


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