Handheld Sewing Machine Mini Portable Handy Electric Household Quick Stitch Tool for Repair Fabric Clothes with Threads Needles

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Mini type hand sewing machine
* can be used for sewing manual products, sewing clothes and other items dropped place;
Apply to family, office, hospital, school and so on;
It has the advantages of small size, beautiful appearance, small occupation space and simple and convenient use;
* Use battery (AA 1.5Vx4) or AC / DC 6V 800MA transformer operation;

  instructions for use:

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1. Install 4 AA batteries
2. standby: with the right hand four fingers to hold the seat, the thumb naturally placed at the top of the cover in the body, the hold steady.
      3. threading: instructions according to the detailed drawings of the product description
4. Release: lift the platen with your right index finger, the fabric ready to be sewn into the platen flat, gently put back pressure plate to suppress the fabric
5. Sewing operation: Holding the fabric with the left hand, the thumb of the right hand gently press quickly, the cloth feeding mechanism will send the sewn material to the left automatically, the right hand of the holding machine will gradually move to the right, the left hand will hold the cloth and cooperate with the sewing Rhythm Gently move the sewn object to the left until the sewing is finished
      6. of the function of automatic cloth feeding and adjusting pin between the elastic.
7. Wire changing group: If changing the wire group, connect the spare connecting rod with the spool shaft and insert into the large wire group, then rewound the wire and adjust the tightness of the wire to make the sewing.
8. needle replacement: loosen screw, remove the broken needle, needle can be installed.

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